Why Your Small Business Needs a Virtual Assistant!

Owning a small business is hard yakka, there is always a million and one things to do and being the main cog on the wheel often results in small business owners burning the candle at both ends.

Often you can feel completely snowed under and desperately wanting to clone yourself to get all of those jobs done. The work keeps coming, you have little spare time, and you wish things were a little easier. You love your business; it is an extension of you, it bears your blood sweat and tears. But in saying that you wouldn’t have it any other way. Surely things can be a little less hectic though, right?

At Small Business Assistant, we get it! I (Jodie, yep that’s me), have walked in your shoes. I have owned, started up and sold several small businesses. I have been self-employed for over twenty years and still am. I get first-hand the challenges and the rewards that come with being self-employed. I also understand why people like you and me go into small business and how difficult it can be to let go of the tasks you have always done yourself, especially when you outsource for the first time to someone new. Outsourcing, however, even just a couple of jobs (and maybe the ones that you hate doing yourself), will allow you to become so much more productive (trust me!).

Start palming off some of those dreaded tasks, the ones that take up sooooooo much of your time, the ones that you lack the expertise in or the ones you don’t want to do. Focus, instead, on those jobs that need you more, the jobs that you enjoy doing, the jobs that will allow you to ‘work on your business, rather than in it constantly.’

My personal belief is that small business is the heart and soul of the workforce, and that is why it continues to be my focus and why I am now here to help. Small Business Assistant was born out of my own need to want to clone myself to get my jobs list done when being the main cog in the wheel of my own Small Businesses. I was that person who desperately wished I had someone I could pass tasks over to that I knew would do it ‘just like me’. I wanted someone that would be committed to completing a job like it was their own business. I wanted someone to go over and beyond and love the tasks that I didn’t have the time or desire to do myself. I wanted and needed the help but was not in the position to pay someone $50, $60, $70 per hour (for heaven’s sake, I was a small business owner!). So, when I sold my last business in 2015, I decided I would become that person. I wanted to create a service for small business owners, but not charge like a ‘wounded bull’. I wanted to set up a service that was affordable for small business owners and one that was utterly committed to working on all tasks as I was working on one of my own.

So, welcome to Small Business Assistant! I am Jodie, and I am now at your service as your virtual PA. More importantly, I am an extension of your business, just one that works alongside you, not right there with you. I have a fantastic team who work with me to offer you a wide range of services, from admin support to web design and update, social media marketing, content curation, why we even have a couple of sensational shop merchandisers and the list goes on and on. All you need to do is ask. It may be a one-off job that you keep putting to the end of the list, or there could be a whole load of things you would love to pass over. We are here and ready to ease the pressure and get the jobs done, so drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

Jodie x